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28 April 2021 by Pieter Hofkens

8 quick wins to boost employee engagement in the short term

Employee Engagement: today more than ever a hot topic in companies across industries around the world. But why is it so important in today's reality? Should it really be a priority? And does it affects my company's overall performance?

Yes, yes and YES! In fact, research proves that employee engagement is one of the most pivotal factors in..

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If your 2021 internal communication strategy looks like every other year, it will fail

08 January 2021 by Pieter Hofkens

2020 was a year unlike any other, with a pandemic scattering and isolating employees far and wide. As COVID-19 disrupted our entire way of working and forced companies to adopt..

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Antwerp startup unleashes revolution in employee communication: "We are ready to scale globally!

11 December 2020 by Pieter Hofkens

Internal communication within large companies is often fragmented and complicated. A problem to which the HR tech startup Meet Roger offers an immediate answer. It developed a..

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How do you deal with a fragmented workforce?

13 May 2020 by Cedric Vercauteren

Non-wired workers, different working shifts and more than ever: remote workers. How do you keep all these employees informed and engaged? 

Working from home is now a reality..

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The employee experience – Recognition

22 October 2019 by Cedric Vercauteren

When reading any respectable HR blog or publisher, you’d expect to find the words “employee experience” referenced within. And yes, guess what, most of them do, even this one...

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The Roger
Video Series

Meet Roger presents:
The Roger Series

For the Roger Video Series, we interview various communication specialists working in different sectors and fields. As industry experts, they share their thoughts and provide key takeaways for you. Stay tuned!

The Roger Video Series presents:
Patrick De Pauw from Social Seeder

During the past 2 years we've been analyzing different internal communication processes and strategies within organizations from 50 up to 15 000 employees. The impact of digitalization on your communication policy is one of them.

The Roger Video Series presents:
The connected worker with Evert Bulcke

Evert Bulcke is chief strategy officer for Rombit. We talked about moving forward in the market and adapting to the 'new normal'. He shares three benefits with you and me about realtime communication.