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27 oktober 2022 by Pieter Hofkens

De directe kost van niet-geëngageerde medewerkers

Terwijl geëngageerde medewerkers investeren in het succes van hun bedrijf, tellen niet-geëngageerde medewerkers vooral de dagen af tot hun eerstvolgende loonbrief. Gallup definieert hen als "ongelukkig en onproductief op het werk en geneigd om negativiteit te verspreiden onder collega's". Niet-geëngageerde medewerkers melden zich vaker ziek, komen..

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Hoe Interne Communicatie de werkplek veiliger maakt

15 april 2022 by Pieter Hofkens

Het analysebedrijf Gallup onderzocht meer dan 100.000+ teams en 2,7 miljoen werknemers wereldwijd om te begrijpen wat werknemers het meest nodig hebben om optimaal te presteren...

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The Roger
Video Series

Roger Video Series 3.0:
Sofa Sessions

🚚 we chartered a truck
🛋️ we dressed it up with cosy furniture
💨 we drove it to our customers
💬 we invited them down, to have a chat in our sofa!

Meet Jo Van Moer:
Founder & CEO Van Moer Logistics

"Thanks to Meet Roger, our employees are always the first to hear about all company news, important decisions and safety updates". Watch the full video here!

Meet Harold Kunst:
CEO of MSC PSA European Terminal (MPET)

"Meet Roger gives us the ability to reach the right specific group of employees, for each specific subject. Instead of sending the entire organization an email or a letter, we are now more agile, quicker and more sustainable in communicating the right message, at the right time, to the right target group". Watch the full video here!

Meet An Schaubroeck:
Communications Manager at Aspiravi Group

"COVID-19 was a wake-up call for us. We realized that we not only need to inform our people but also have to connect them. With each other, but also with the company. Meet Roger allowed us to communicate in a totally different way". Watch the full video here!