25 March 2020

Meet Roger in times of crisis

Read Time: 1 min Author: Cedric Vercauteren

As COVID-19 makes us rethink our way of communicating and interacting with our employees, Meet Roger proves more than ever its usefulness during the crisis and helps you with the following challenges: 

  • How to give employees a pat on the back so that employees' morale remains high? 
  • How to continue connecting employees with the culture and values of the company? 
  • How to get the latest updates on Covid-19 to every type of employee, homeworker or technically unemployed and reassure them? 

Meet Roger proposes 'Roger Fast Lane':

  • Easily send messages from one central hub
  • Measure and know if everyone has received (and read) your message!
  • Reach the right group in your company with a few clicks to avoid an overload of #communication.

A fast route for companies to set up your digital flow of communication within 2 days to the pocket of every employee.

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The Roger
Video Series

Meet Roger presents:
The Roger Series

For the Roger Video Series, we interview various communication specialists working in different sectors and fields. As industry experts, they share their thoughts and provide key takeaways for you. Stay tuned!

The Roger Video Series presents:
Patrick De Pauw from Social Seeder

During the past 2 years we've been analyzing different internal communication processes and strategies within organizations from 50 up to 15 000 employees. The impact of digitalization on your communication policy is one of them.

The Roger Video Series presents:
The connected worker with Evert Bulcke

Evert Bulcke is chief strategy officer for Rombit. We talked about moving forward in the market and adapting to the 'new normal'. He shares three benefits with you and me about realtime communication.