24 July 2020

How Meet Roger helps PSA with their internal communications

Read Time: 1 min Author: Cedric Vercauteren

"Only a few weeks after the Roger launch at PSA, Covid-19 struck around the world. All of a sudden, offices and workplaces were shut down and remote working and split teams became the norm and social gatherings were prohibited. The need for communication had never been greater, but some of the traditional channels could no longer be used. 

Just like Teams has proven to be a lifesaver to enable remote work and meetings, Meet Roger has proven to be the right tool at the right time to enable communication with a disrupted workforce. Meet Roger became a useful platform for daily updates, guidelines, messages from management and others communications. Registration increased exponentially, as ‘late adopter

s’ also found their way to “Meet Roger” and have discovered the advantages of timely and reliable communication that can be received at any time and any place.

Meet RogerMeet Roger adoption scores more than 97%.


As a result of its success, the app has been included in PSA Belgium’s crisis communications procedures as a powerful tool to reach out to all staff or targeted groups in the event of a crisis." 

Looking for the perfect match for your strategic communication plan? Watch the interview with Pieter Hofkens, internal communication manager PSA Belgium, and get in touch!

The Roger
Video Series

Roger Video Series 3.0:
Sofa Sessions

🚚 we chartered a truck
🛋️ we dressed it up with cosy furniture
💨 we drove it to our customers
💬 we invited them down, to have a chat in our sofa!

Meet Jo Van Moer:
Founder & CEO Van Moer Logistics

"Thanks to Meet Roger, our employees are always the first to hear about all company news, important decisions and safety updates". Watch the full video here!

Meet Harold Kunst:
CEO of MSC PSA European Terminal (MPET)

"Meet Roger gives us the ability to reach the right specific group of employees, for each specific subject. Instead of sending the entire organization an email or a letter, we are now more agile, quicker and more sustainable in communicating the right message, at the right time, to the right target group". Watch the full video here!

Meet An Schaubroeck:
Communications Manager at Aspiravi Group

"COVID-19 was a wake-up call for us. We realized that we not only need to inform our people but also have to connect them. With each other, but also with the company. Meet Roger allowed us to communicate in a totally different way". Watch the full video here!