11 December 2020

Antwerp startup unleashes revolution in employee communication: "We are ready to scale globally!

Read Time: 2 min Author: Pieter Hofkens

Internal communication within large companies is often fragmented and complicated. A problem to which the HR tech startup Meet Roger offers an immediate answer. It developed a digital platform on which companies can manage their entire internal communication and which enables them to reach all employees quickly and efficiently. Whether they are in the office, on the work floor, on the move, or at home. Today, Meet Roger has more than 30,000 active users spread over 24 countries and is available in 9 user languages.


"We noticed that internal communication is often too fragmented," says meet Roger co-founder Cédric Vercauteren. "Large companies still struggle with a wide variety of internal communication channels such as email, Sharepoint, displays, video call platforms, and even pen and paper. With Meet Roger, everything can be centralized on one dashboard". The uniqueness of Meet Roger is its ‘smart’ platform, pushing messages automatically from the central dashboard to different channels, such as work or private email, SMS, WhatsApp, the Roger web application and/or the Roger smartphone app. The channel(s) of choice can be determined by the employees themselves. "A blue collar worker likes to receive a text message on his private cellphone, while a white collar employee might prefer to be informed via his or her company email," says Vercauteren. "Thanks to our smart platform, each employee can choose how he or she wants to be informed".


Thanks to the extensive segmentation possibilities offered by the platform, companies can easily reach very specific groups of employees. "Messages are often sent generally to all employees within the company. Via our platform, companies can target each message to a specific, well-determined target group. This can be a department, a work location, an employee category, or even an individual. By carefully targeting your internal messages, employees only receive relevant information which increases their motivation to read".


Employee engagement is a hot topic nowadays. However, it still remains difficult to measure employee engagement effectively. Also there, Meet Roger provides a clear answer. "The Meet Roger dashboard captures all data: who has read which message at what time, which messages are well received and which are not: you can see all this at a glance. You can also easily collect feedback from employees by adding feedback forms, ratings and/or satisfaction polls to your messages. As a company, you can now truly measure and report the satisfaction and happiness of your employees".


Meet Roger has already partnered with many companies, in a short period of time. Its customers are mainly industrial companies with a fragmented workforce, a large group of blue collar workers, various working locations, shift work, etc... For this types of businesses, Meet Roger can be of considerable added value for both communicator and user.

Among others, PSA International (ports), Van Moer Logistics (transport), Albert Heijn and KFC franchisee Peeters-Govers (food/retail), DCA (construction), Deschacht (building materials) and Unified Post (fintech) have already been 'Rogerized'.

And the ambition to grow remains strong. Recently, two investors invested in Meet Roger and the management team was expanded to evolve from startup to scaleup. Cédric Vercauteren: "Given the fast growing success of Meet Roger, the time has come to further expand internationally. To achieve this, we recently raised financial capital and expanded our management team with highly experienced leaders. We are now ready to scale globally".

Yves Petit, tech entrepreneur and investor in various startups, is both investor and new CEO of Meet Roger: "Meet Roger is a powerful and unique product that can help large companies enormously in optimizing their internal communication processes and boosting employee engagement. In order to strengthen my belief in the company, I will not only serve as CEO but have also invested financially to enable further international growth".

Geert Van Stappen, entrepreneur and managing director of Jeni Invest, invested in Meet Roger from the very beginning: "I immediately saw a huge potential in the idea and the applicability of the product in various sectors. Meet Roger can quickly relieve companies of well-known problems and frustrations, something I was able to experience myself. With our financial support, we hope to provide Meet Roger the ability to scale from the 24 countries where it operates today, to where it's supposed to be: worldwide.”

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Meet Jo Van Moer:
Founder & CEO Van Moer Logistics

"Thanks to Meet Roger, our employees are always the first to hear about all company news, important decisions and safety updates". Watch the full video here!

Meet Harold Kunst:
CEO of MSC PSA European Terminal (MPET)

"Meet Roger gives us the ability to reach the right specific group of employees, for each specific subject. Instead of sending the entire organization an email or a letter, we are now more agile, quicker and more sustainable in communicating the right message, at the right time, to the right target group". Watch the full video here!

Meet An Schaubroeck:
Communications Manager at Aspiravi Group

"COVID-19 was a wake-up call for us. We realized that we not only need to inform our people but also have to connect them. With each other, but also with the company. Meet Roger allowed us to communicate in a totally different way". Watch the full video here!