Quick wins to improve employee engagement
28 April 2021

8 quick wins to boost employee engagement in the short term

Read Time: 2 min Author: Pieter Hofkens

Employee Engagement: today more than ever a hot topic in companies across industries around the world. But why is it so important in today's reality? Should it really be a priority? And does it affects my company's overall performance?

Yes, yes and YES! In fact, research proves that employee engagement is one of the most pivotal factors in overall performance, productivity and even your bottom line. Companies that genuinely invest in employee engagement have proven to increase productivity and work quality and retain top talent remarkably longer.

But creating a truly engaged workforce does not happen overnight. It requires buy-in from the entire leadership team and a successful long-term strategy with thoughtful planning across the entire organization. That’s a massive effort..

However, there are a few quick wins to yield results in the short-term. You’ve got to start somewhere, right? 

  1. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.
    Simple, but so important; start communicating to your staff! You don’t have to wait for a special occasion or an important milestone to address your colleagues. Even the smallest day-to-day things that can help daily life, such as sharing traffic info or giving a heads-up for slippery weather, can create a feeling of cohesion and unity, because it shows you care.

  2. Prioritize feedback
    Giving your employees a voice is one of the most effective drivers of employee engagement. Conduct opinion polls or pulse surveys frequently; ask what your colleagues think of company initiatives, or the new lunch room, or how they are experiencing working from home, etc.. By involving them, you make them feel valued and part of the team.

  3. Put wellbeing first
    It’s easier for people to engage with their work when their employer makes an effort to enhance their personal wellbeing. Create a safe space for concerns around mental and physical health. A space where they feel connected, recognized and supported. Providing a specific two-way communication channel for wellbeing at work can be a good start.

  4. Emphasize your mission and values
    Create a list of your company’s core values and make it visible for your entire staff. Communicate to each department how their work positively impacts the overall business and how they can keep contributing in achieving the joint mission. 

  5. Enable staff volunteer opportunities
    Employees want to know they work for a company that truly cares about making a positive contribution to society. Volunteering unites colleagues towards a larger purpose, offering an opportunity to connect on a deeper level. Start small: look for a volunteer opportunity that’s located in the area or has a direct connection with your business.

  6. Reward achievements
    Everybody likes appreciation. Take the time to acknowledge your employees and allow them to do the same for their peers. Utilize your internal communication channels to promote these individual and team acknowledgements throughout the whole company.

  7. Foster informal social activities
    The level of employee engagement has a lot to do with how your employees relate to one another. Set up opportunities for them to connect outside of work and foster personal relationships. Make sure to provide variety in your activities to promote inclusivity.

  8. Share company success
    Maybe the easiest one of all: share your company’s success. Unfortunately, company achievements too often stay in boardrooms or management meetings.. Communicate achievements to your entire workforce. Make sure to thank each and every one, from the cleaning staff to the CEO. It's a small effort with a tremendous impact. 

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